The Ile de Nantes provides a lot of places that are really charming and special at daytime. But because of being poorly lit, they turn into dark, creepy corners at night.Doing a light installation provides the opportunity to carry some of that magic over the darkest hours. The forest with its trees around a platform feels like a shelter, protecting you from the light, hot sunlight outside. Giving some light to it at night, it also can protect you from the darkness outside. By putting bright white spots beneath the grid floor, pointing up and towards the forest, the entrance appears like a natural gate. Crossing this gate leads the visitor deeper into the forest, where coloured LED lights , attached to the rim of the platform, create a mystical atmosphere. Small sheets of plexiglas hanging in the trees, moved by the wind and reflecting the light around, give the final magical touch by appearing like fairies flying through the scene. The event of the mystical forest brought a not well known area to peoples attention. It raised the interest in coming back even when there's nothing going on, just because of the beauty of the place.


The central idea of the bridge concept was to reverse the world. The passer should experience the feeling that water is over his head and the landscape below him. For this reason, the bridge construction was provided in the upper part with cling film and illuminated from below. On that account, grass underneath the bridge becomes visible. Through the movements of the illuminated foil, it seems like the ceiling of the bridge obtains wave motions.

Therefore, in the crossing of the bridge a special feeling was caused. At the same time the bridge become visible from the other side of the water for the residents.